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* Please note that Additional's are add-on prices to the original service selection.

Example On How To Add Up Your Nail Services: a closed toe stiletto full set ($120+) + long length ($15) + 2 full swarovski nails ($40) + gel matte top coat ($25) = $180

* If you schedule for one service, and come in needing a different service, if time permits, you will be charged an additional $20 fee for last minute change of service and inconvenience of time. 

* If appointment times runs longer than 3 1/2 hours long, an additional $35 fee will be added to your total.

*If you have not had a fill-in appointment within 4 weeks an additional $35 fee will be added to your total.

*If an appointment is desired before or after business hours, there is a $75 appointment fee that must be sent before booking. This fee is NOT a deposit and will not go towards your services. Please email or text me with any inquiries.

*Late Fee Charge: If you arrive after 15 minutes of your appointment time, a $15 fee will be added to your total.

*If you opt to have a fill-in service done by Celeste, and the initial full-set was done by another tech, Celeste will not be held responsible for any lifting, breakage, or chipping etc. (even if it occurs within 24 hours)

*All nail fixes must come to appointment with a clean nail. Have all acrylic taken off broken nail before you arrive to your appointment. Celeste will not remove any acrylic.

*I do not do pedicures, my apologies.
*If coming for a full set, please be sure all extensions/acrylic has been removed prior to your appointment.